Miami Water Damage Restoration

House after hurrican or nature disaster in the USA

It’s hard to look at a damaged home and know what to do first.  What can be saved?  What will have to be rebuilt?  Where do you even begin?  Your first call should be to water damage restoration specialists.  These professionals have dealt with plenty of homes, and they are familiar with the process of putting the pieces of your life back together.  Check out for more information on beginning the process.

Professionals will try and salvage your belongings, having furniture professionally cleaned if needed to restore it, and advising you of what cannot be saved.  Belongings that can be saved are packed away in storage while the process of restoring your home is going on.  From replacing structural pieces to getting your floors and carpet taken care of, they’ll take care of every detail.  Good water damage specialists should also have a handle on what to do about mold problems.  If you have any water damage, mold is going to be something to concern yourself with.

Mold is the sneaky side of water damage.  You can’t always see where it is.  Learn more at, and see why mold is so critical.  Different types of mold pose different levels of risk, and professionals have the equipment to test for how much and what type of mold you have.  The worry with mold is partly structural, but mostly about the health and safety of your family.

Mold exposure can cause symptoms as simple as allergies and sinus trouble, but symptoms can escalate and cause muscle problems, seizures, and even death.  Obviously, you don’t want to risk your family’s health by exposing them to poisonous mold, so make sure the professionals you hire are prepared to deal with mold problems.  Ask questions of the people you hire.  Make sure they handle all the problems you might encounter with water damage.

If not all the damage to your home is taken care of, problems can come up down the line that you weren’t prepared for.  If all the mold is not removed, the small amount left will just regrow into a large problem over time.






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